Neuer Batch Tank

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Neuer Batch Tank

Beitrag von Evolution » Fr 14. Jun 2019, 14:49

The 6 KW batch tank from zero is now available for the model model 2015 and newer zero s / SR-and zero ds / DSR MODELS.

The 6 KW batch tank is compatible with the public transport systems and home stations of type 2 (230 v). To reach the maximum charging, close the standard charger together with the batch tank - for a total throughput of 7,3 KW. This corresponds to a range of approx. 160 km per charging hour.

Examples of loading times:
- Standard Charger Zf14. 4: 9,8 hours (100 % charged)
- Zf14. 4 6 KW batch tank: 2,5 hours (100 % loaded)
- Standard Charger Zf14. 4: 9,3 hours (95 % charged)
- Zf14. 4 6 KW batch tank: 2,0 hours (95 % loaded)

The batch tank is an accessory designed by the dealer and can not be installed on a motorcycle with a power tank from space space. Even if the body of the batch tank does not match the model colors 2015-2016, you can take this opportunity to renew the appearance of your motorcycle. Just share with your dealer if you want to order the matching rear and front fender body.


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