unclamping, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

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unclamping, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

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unclamping, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

I bought a CITYCOCO LUQI 3 3000W with 20AH 63v battery, unbridled version, but the supplier is mistaken and sent me the approved version with 45 km / h, knowing that the ligbo controller is programmable, someone will be able to me help configure it ??
Could you give me the description (identification of the connection of the socket) of the following controller:

- LBC006.551D
- LBMC060152HJ3A-M6
- S / N: 60V 20190516214

I want to reprogram it in order to release the maximum speed.
I downloaded the following software: LBMC GUI v4.0.0
I bought the USB adapter to communicate with the controller: USB TTL converter CH340G CP2102 PL2303 UART FTDI Arduino 5V + 3.3V

I need to identify the following connections to reprogram it:
-Supply voltage 3 or 5 volts
-Data transmission mode and speeds

Thank you in advance for your help and information

débridage, contrôleur lingbo LBC006.551D

j'ai acheté un CITYCOCO LUQI 3 3000W avec batterie 20AH 63v, version débridé, mais le fournisseur c'est trompé et m'as envoyé la version homologué bridé a 45 kmh, sachant que le controleur ligbo est programmable quelqu'un pourrez m'aider a le configurer ??
pourriez-vous me communiquer le descriptif ( identification des connexion de la prise ) du contrôleur suivant :

- LBC006.551D
- LBMC060152HJ3A-M6
- S/N : 60V 20190516214

Je désire le reprogrammer afin de libérer la vitesse maxi.
J’ai téléchargé le logiciel suivant : LBMC GUI v4.0.0
J’ai acquérir l’adaptateur USB pour communiquer avec le contrôleur : Convertisseur USB TTL CH340G CP2102 PL2303 UART FTDI Arduino 5V + 3.3V

Il me faut identifier les connexions suivantes pour le reprogrammer :
-Tension d’alimentation 3 ou 5 volts
-Mode et vitesses de transmission des données

Je vous remercie par avance pour votre aide et informations

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Re: unclamping, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

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Usually configurable LingBo Controller have an own socket for the programming cable, beside the 30pin-main-socket.
In this case they speek UART.

Wuxi Lingbo Electronic Technology Co. LTD has a technology Partnership Program with Bosch. Bosch brings in the CANBUS. The CANBUS Protocol on LingBo Controllers is encryped. In this case, it is usually impossible to cange the speed configuration file (FOC.file). For Law reasons most LingBo controllers sold in the EU by reseller of electric Scooters/Motorbikes are based on CANBUS and encryped, cause of L1E (45km/h) limitations. This controllers are not configuratable (only with special Handhelds from the Producer, like the H1 from NIU for NIU Products, only with files from NIU or the Distributors). So, if the scooter was sold with EU limitation in the EU and has no extra socket for programming, the risk is high, that the maximum speed is not changeable on this controller.

The best way to buy an identical free progamming controller, is to buy it in China, where they are produced. There are variations with UART and UART/CANBUS changeable avaiable.
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